The Privacy Policy is an essential part of the following Cookie Policy, including user’s rights that can be exercised by contacting the address   provided above.

Pursuant to Artt. 13 and 14 of GDPR and Art. 122 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Italian Data Protection Code), as modified by the Italian Legislative Decree 101/2018, as well as pursuant to the Italian Data Protection Authority’s Decision 08.05.2014 for identifying simplified arrangements to provide information and obtain consent regarding the use of cookies – published in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic no. 126 of 03 June 2014 – and considering also all the following statements, in this document NEW LINE S.R.L. provides its Cookie Policy.

This Cookie Policy aims to provide the user with all the information related to Art. 13 of GDPR, as well as to describe specifically and analytically characteristics and purposes of the cookies installed on the Website, so the user can select or deselect single cookies.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user´s terminal device (usually to the browser: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) by the websites the user is visiting, where they are stored to be then re-transmitted to the websites on the user´s subsequent visits to the same websites.


Why are cookies useful?

By using cookies, the Website, once visited, recognizes the user’s device and so the user’s navigation experience improves. One of the many purposes of cookies is to allow users to browse the pages of the Website more efficiently by suggesting favourite websites, saving language settings, etc.; cookies also help to guarantee online ads to be focused on users’ specific interests.


How to select or disable cookies.

Except for those cases where the user gives prior consent for the installation of profiling cookies, the majority of browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies. By modifying the settings in Your browser, cookies can be limited or blocked. It is possible to modify browser settings to manage cookies by following the instruction on the manual or the instructions provided by the browser, as presented below (for the most common browsers):










In case multiple browsers are used, the procedure to delete cookies needs to be repeated for each browser.

In case multiple devices are used, (such as smartphones or tablets), in order to uninstall cookies it is necessary to follow the instructions provided for each device.

It is important to know that by not accepting cookies, the Website may be compromised or not work properly due to the fact that some cookies are strictly necessary for visiting the Website.


How many types of cookies exist?

Cookies can be distinguished in different types;

in relation to their TIME SPAN, there are “session” cookies (which are removed automatically when the user closes the browser) or “persistent” cookies (which are active until their expiration date or when the user cancels them);

in relation to its ORIGINS, cookies can be “first party” cookies (sent to the browser directly by the website that has been visited) or “third party” cookies (sent to the browser by other websites and not by the one that has been visited);

in relation to the PURPOSES, cookies can be “technical” or “profiling”. “Technical” cookies are the ones that allows the user to navigate, they can be strictly necessary, site performance, processing or security cookies; “technical” cookies are also those called functional, those for user’s preferences, location, and session state; finally, “technical” cookies are those called analytics of first party or third party with IP masker, without data crossing. User’s prior consent is not necessary to install these cookies.

“Profiling” cookies are, instead, third-party analytics cookies that have no IP masker and no data crossing; advertising, promotional, tracking, conversion cookies are also “profiling” cookies.

User’s prior consent is necessary to install “non-technical” cookies.


What types of cookies does this Website use?

Technical cookies:

This Website uses “technical” cookies; without these some of the operations would be very complex or impossible to run. Installation of technical cookies does not need prior consent from the user and they can be first party or third party cookies, session or persistent cookies.


These technical cookies are those strictly necessary to browse this Website efficiently and to take advantage of essential features, such as IT authentication, saving of previous actions. By blocking these cookies, the website experience of the user can be compromised.


This Website also uses functional cookies that improve the navigation experience by saving user’s preferences, such as language, name, place. In addition, these cookies can be used for providing proactive services or to avoid the user to receive those services he or she has previously refused. By blocking these cookies, the navigation experience won’t be compromised, however the user can not take advantage of useful services offered.


This Website may have also installed technical cookies that are used to save user’s consent. We suggest not to block these cookies: they allow the Website manager/owner to archive the consent You have already given.


Third party cookies:

This Website also uses third party cookies, technical and profiling cookies, some are session cookies, other persistent.

Technical analytical third parties cookies in use on this Website allow the collection of information regarding how users interact with the Website by analysing the number of pages visited, the time spent on the Website, by identifying the highest-visited pages and other events that took places during the navigation, such as potential errors occurred when the webpage was visited. Thanks to these cookies the Website manager/owner can obtain statistics regarding the navigation on the webpages and, through those, improve those services offered to the user. Technical analytical cookies sent by this Website do not determine personal data processing (as the user’s name and last name or his/her IP address) since these data are consolidated only for statistical purposes; the Website manager/owner has adopted tools that allow to reduce the identifying capability of the analytical cookies in use (for example, by masking significant portions of the IP address).

Profiling third party cookies, instead, are active only after the user’s consent is given. By clicking “OK” on the banner placed on the Website homepage or on the other pages, the user agrees and gives his/her consent to them.

Profiling cookies are used to improve the service offered and to select and send ads according to preferences and interests expressed by the user during his/her visit. By using profiling cookies, the user won’t be able to see more ads and the navigation experience won’t be hindered.

By canceling profiling cookies, the user will see generic ads that are not in line with the interests and tastes expressed during the navigation.


Third party cookies sent by this Website are not directly controlled by the Website manager/owner; as a consequence, to disable these cookies or to obtain more information, the user must take the following steps:


  1. by clicking here the user can obtain more information regarding behavioural advertising and have information about third party cookies, promotional and targeting ads that are archived in his/her computer; the user can disable all or only some of these cookies by clicking here:




  1. we listed third party cookies used on our Website. It is possible to have direct access to policies and to forms to manage or disable these cookies by clicking on the links provided below.


This Website uses Google Analytics to install technical analytical cookies into the user’s device.

All the data generated by Google Analytics are stored according to the terms of the policy available at this link:

Google  Inc. Privacy Policy is available at the following address:

The user can disable Google Analytics by installing on his/her browser the extra component available here:

By disabling these cookies, the user’s navigation experience won’t be compromised.


Social network buttons and widgets are available on the Website in order to simplify the interaction with social platforms and to share contents directly from the Website.

Specifically, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube buttons are available on the Website to improve the user experience by sharing contents on social networks.


The management of the information collected by third parties is regulated by the related policies You can refer to in case of need of clarification. The Controller is not responsible for third party cookies/plugins that operate on the Website. However, for convenience and transparency, we listed below the links to their policies and the related cookie/plugin settings:

To disable Youtube and Google profiling cookies, please click here:



Finally, in relation to the privacy settings on personal accounts:

  • for Facebook, please access the personal account and go to “Privacy”. Alternatively, follows the guides available on the web;
  • for Youtube e Google+, please click here:


Interactive maps provided by Google Inc. are embedded in a few pages of the Website and can install cookies to collect information and service preferences.

For more information about this service and to disable these cookies, the user can refer to Google Privacy Policy:


By disabling all the above-mentioned third party cookies, the user experience won’t be compromised but the quality of the services offered on the Website can be lower.

For more information related to third party profiling cookies sent to the user’s browser during the navigation of the Website, please go to:

or contact the following addresses:

by email:

by registered mail: Via dell’Elettronica, no. 9 – 36016, Thiene (VI).