Manufacturing and customization

NewLine Srl is an artisanal uphlostery laboratory, specialized in manufacturing high quality items such as chairs, stools, shells, armchairs and small sofas coated with soft leather, synthetic leather, hide and fabric. A long experience acquired after years of work in this field has allowed to develop a highly technical production profile at the disposal of the leading companies in the design world, to provide customized solutions and meet at best the needs of its customers. NewLine supplies, in fact, either the finished product “on behalf of a third party” producing the customer’s own model or develops and provides new models on a specific customer design having the possibility to supply various kind of frames: in wood, in metal chromed or painted or fully coated. The customer has also the possibility to choose between the different types of leather and fabrics available in a wide range of colors.


The types of seating we manufacture: chairs, shells, stools, armchairs and small sofas upholstered with soft leather, synthetic leather, hide and fabric with wooden, metal painted, chromed or completely coated frames.


Important attention is given to all that makes “quality”, starting from the concept and manufacturing of one product till the final customer service. The production is made entirely in our factory where every single item is processed with precision by our skilled craftsmen and at the end of each production procedure is carefully checked, offering a finished product manufactured with attention to the smallest detail.
The manual and sartorial ability is combined with increasing resource investments to improve the efficiency and the quality of the production; automatic cutting machines allow to reduce waste from manufacturing and processing times. A combination of research, knowledge of production techniques and technological innovation allow to customize and being able to provide any kind of manufacturing on soft leather, synthetic leather, hide and fabric and allow to find excellent price-quality solutions too in order to give shape to your ideas. We are a team that keeps in close contact with the customer and our goal is to fulfill any of your requests of design, comfort and functionality.


The choice of materials is essential in our search for quality. Starting from metal or wood cores and ending with covers, all materials are chosen among the best in the market and meticulously tested before manufacturing. Our production is mainly focused on the upholstery of articles in soft leather, followed by those in fabric, synthetic leather and hide. The percentages: