As our company wants to meet at best the needs of its customers, we offer two types of service: the service “on behalf of a third party” and the service “turnkey-all inclusive”:


We make the required manufacturing on all materials that the customer gives us offering a complete service, from the first consulting on the manufacture to the delivery with customized packaging of the concerned company.


Disposing of skilled and qualified staff we are able, starting from a specific design of the client, to hand him over the finished packed product (chair or armchair etc.) paying attention to all the technical details, from prototyping to product industrialization.

Your products are all made in our factory. An endless and ongoing research and knowledge of production techniques allow us to find optimal solutions to give shape to your ideas and to work dynamically on soft leather and hide in any way, dressing at best your shells-chairs, armchairs, small sofas. We think it’s indispensable to have a direct-line and open dialogue with architects and companies in order to continue to grow and take up always new challenges.